Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catching Up - byhand.me blog entry

Well it's been one crazy summer.  I (obviously) haven't been keeping up with the blog here.  I intend to change that!  This summer I have been crafting, camping, cooking, writing and being a mommy and wife.  For details, you can visit my personal blog at http://www.littlebbunny.blogspot.com.  I also have some great gift guides and features of other artists.  There is a ton of beautiful handmade work out there and I try to showcase as much as I can.  Speaking of handmade, I have added many, many items to my shop since I last posted.  One that I love (and that was a big risk for me) is a pre-embellished scrapbook for a baby girl.  I used a Paper Chase archival album and embellished all 50 pages.  It took quite some time and a great deal of materials.  I had to price it rather high ($100), as a result, hence the "risk" statement.  It really turned out nicely and is a bargain if you consider the time it took to produce.  However, I am not sure if it will be well-received.  There's an image below.  You can check out the shop for more views or email me and I can send many more to you.

I've got some additional projects in the works and will be posting more pictures soon.


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