Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feature - Rabbit Whiskers Children's Clothing

This etsy seller combines the techniques of hand smocking and embroidery to create one of a kind classic children's clothing. If you're looking for something special for a child in your life this Christmas, look no further.

Rabbit Whiskers (or Judy, as she is known outside of etsy circles) has been smocking since her daughter was born 33 years ago and embroidering even longer, but has been combining the two for the last 25 years. She began when her daughter was born. Eventually, she sold her dresses at an exclusive children's store in Carmel called "The Mischievous Rabbit" and continued to do so for 16 years. When the shop closed, she decided to open a shop on etsy.

Judy is inspired by all sorts of different things. A lot of her inspiration comes from things she sees in nature, such as flowers and animals. Sometimes just looking at a cut of fabric and thinking about how she could take that piece of fabric and make it look entirely different is a fun challenge that inspires her. Colors, music, and poetry inspire Judy also. She always has classical music on while she is working, and she finds it very inspirational. Furthermore, she sometimes finds it is very inspiring to look at a detailed picture and think of what that picture is saying. That inspires her to go off in a different direction and develop just one idea that she gets from looking at that picture.

Rabbit Whiskers loves color and putting it together in different ways. Particularly when working with baby things, she prefers pastels and soft shades of color, but not exclusively. At times she is really drawn to the primary colors and darker shades, but then she usually prefers them contrasted against white. Green is Judy's favorite color; there are so many pretty shades of green from which to choose. She loves pink too, especially a soft pink, and putting shades of pink and green together. Judy's favorite scenes to create are those with lots of flowers in them and scenes with animals, particularly those with bunnies, lambs, and dogs.

Judy is always interested in reading good advice from other etsy sellers and the Storque. She says that there is so much great advice out there and so many people who are so kind to share it! The one piece of advice that stands out the most clearly in Judy's mind is the advice to believe in yourself and your product. Work hard, be patient, stay focused on your goals and, in time, people will recognize your work and come to you.

Here are a few of Judy's current favorites:

I love this dress with the long sleeves. I like the happy winter scene and the contrast of the strong colors against a white background. I prefer it when the scenes on my dresses suggest little stories or ideas, and I like what this one suggests.


I think I particularly like this dress because of the way it just seemed to pop into my head, totally complete, without my even trying to think about what I might do. It is very rare that something like that happens. I love the whimsical nature of this scene!

Chasing Purple Butterflies

I think this is one of my favorites because creating the little Westie was a difficult challenge, and I'm pleased with the way she turned out. I also like the colors in it a lot.

Pink Puppy Love

And here are a couple of my favorites:

Let It Snow

Lamb and Flowers

Monday, October 26, 2009

etsy's front page!

I was on Craft Cult recently and discovered something exciting. I was on etsy's front page back in September and didn't even know it. How exciting is that? Here's a pic of the treasury that made it to the front page:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holiday Preview

I know, I know, it's too early to start thinking about the holidays. Actually, it's never to early for me, as I love the holiday season. However, I did not want to be one of those people. You know, the ones who run big box stores and start displaying Christmas trees beside Halloween decorations. However, I do have to compete with those people. I also hope to supply some of the smaller establishments competing with the chain stores, so I needed to get some holiday items for sale in my shop. Here are a few of the items currently listed. Of course, as always, you can view the complete inventory at www.littlebbunny.etsy.com. This holiday season I'm offering free shipping in the U.S. and Canada and reduced shipping to any place else in the world. Check back regularly for new additions.

Yule Tree

Reindeer Frolicking


Merry Christmas Tree

'Twas the Night

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little b Bunny Special Feature - Lily Jane Stationery

I "met" this etsy seller in the forums a month or so ago. She creates beautiful stationery and donates some of the profits from her shop in honor of her daughter. Please read the interview and check out Lily Jane Stationery on etsy.

Tell us what inspired you to open an etsy shop.

I actually opened my first Etsy shop about a year and a half ago under the name Badinage. (It means “playful banter”.) I’d been making stationery and invitations for my family quite a bit and discovered Etsy at the same time. It was the perfect way to do something I loved and help with our struggling college student income. I dabbled in that shop here and there. But it was more of a hobby than anything.

Then, this past summer, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Lily. She was born with a birth defect that shortened her life to a brief 6 weeks. She made such a big impact in my life; I knew I needed to find some way to carry on her legacy. So, I closed down Badinage and opened my new shop, which I named after her: Lily Jane Stationery. I donate 10% of all my proceeds to March of Dimes in an effort to help other families who find themselves in a similar situation. And I put even greater care into everything I do because I’m doing it all in her name now.

When and how did you start paper crafting?

I’ve been working with paper for almost as long as I can remember! Growing up I loved to write letters and notes to friends – whether they lived across the country or down the street. I started making my own stationery in order to have the perfect card for an occasion. It was so much more personal that way. I wanted my letters to be something people would want to hold on to.

What inspires your designs?

My invitation designs are inspired by the specific occasions they’ll be used for. I first think of how I want the party to be and then create the invitation with that final picture in my mind. Like the Cherry Blossom invitations which I just designed for my sister’s baby shower. She’s having a girl so I wanted something sweet and pink, but not overwhelmingly so. The cherry blossoms are a perfect fit.

I also find inspiration by simply letting myself run wild in the paper store. When I see what products they have available, new ideas often present themselves. My Christmas cards, for example – I just had to find a way to use that paper.

Tell us about your marketing strategy for Lily Jane Stationery.

I feel like it’s important for people to be able to get to know the designer behind their products. So, I started a blog to do just that. It’s called Just Lovely (http://lilyjanestationery.typepad.com) . It’s where I showcase all the beautiful things I find along with party plans and potential service opportunities (again, with the legacy thing). I also have a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan Page that people can follow me on. Beyond that, I’m just trying to get myself known and participate in the blogging community. I leave comments whenever I can. Even when I’m off the computer I’m always telling people about what I do.

You donate to charitable causes using the proceeds from your shop. Do you think this is important for etsians? If so, why?

I donate a portion of my proceeds to March of Dimes more for myself than anything. It’s something I need to do. It’s a way I keep my baby girl’s memory alive.

That said, it would, of course, be wonderful if everyone found that they could spare a little bit in order to help a cause they love. Even if you don’t think it’ll amount to much. Remember, every dollar is made up of pennies. But it has to be something you really want to do and money that you know you have to give. It’s still important to have some amount of profit in order to keep your business running well. The holidays are a great time to try it out and see if it’s something that works for you.

What are your hopes for your shop in the future?

My short term goals are to be able to donate more to March of Dimes each month than the month before; even if it’s just a few cents. I think that goal will be great motivation to help my shop grow.

I’d also love to be able to focus more of my production on digital prints and even letterpress, eventually. I’ve always loved letterpress and I’m in the process of taking classes to learn how to do it. Digital prints are a great way to give a clean, finished look to stationery without the consumer having to pay quite as much, which is important right now.

Please share a few of your favorite items currently in your shop.

I really love the Halloween Trick or Treat bags. They come in black or yellow and have a clear window with a spider web print on the front. Kids can watch their candy stack up all night long! I would have loved that. And my son’s pretty excited to get to use one, too.

I’m also excited about the custom Christmas photo cards. They’re backed with a striped green cardstock and come with lined envelopes. The different patterns brighten up the whole ensemble.

My year-round favorite would be the Lily of the Valley Thank You Cards. They’re simple and sweet. Great to have on hand for daily use or for special occasions like a baby or bridal shower.

Here are my favorites:

Dr. Seuss Notecards

Filigree Notecard

Green Branch Personalized Card

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tim, LB and I have had an exciting couple of days. On Friday we were supposed to go to a Halloween parade, but were rained out, so we took B to her first movie instead. We saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," a great movie and one that I would recommend. However, B did not enjoy her first movie experience. Apparently, it freaked her out a little. Perhaps a 3D movie wasn't the best choice for a beginner. On the bright side, we don't have to worry about her wanting to go back again for a while!

Yesterday we went to the Belknap Neighborhood's Fall Festival. It was the perfect size. There were arts and crafts, food vendors, a ragtime band and activities for children. Tim bought me a gorgeous gourd with a burnished tree on it and LB enjoyed some kettle corn and painting a pumpkin. Last night we went to "Boo at the Zoo," allegedly the world's largest Halloween party. From the number of people there, I would believe it. LB had fun. Mommy and Daddy, not so much. It was like being run through a cattle chute. But the important thing is that LB liked it. She wanted her picture taken with all of the characters, even though she didn't know who they were. We got a lot of cute pictures, which I have shared below.

On an etsy note, I am working away on Christmas items. My first album has already sold. It was a Victorian theme, and I plan to make another that is similar. Once I have more items, I'll post a preview.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Treats

October has arrived! Have you decorated your home, purchased your candy and decided on a costume? My house is all decorated with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and more pumpkins. Tim and I won't be dressing up this year, but LB is going to be a bee! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for you. I hope you're also planning to send Halloween cards to the children in your lives. You know they love getting mail! I have some Halloween items left in my shop, so be sure to check them out below, and follow the links to my shop to purchase them. I'm offering free shipping on them all.

Kids' Cat

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat

Creepy Tree

Scaredy Cat

Premade Scrapbook Pages

Die-Cut Leaves