Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Tim, Brennan and I just returned from a wonderful trip to our old stomping grounds in Atlanta, GA. We stayed with old friends, Louis and Kathy Cahill. They are gracious hosts, so kind and accommodating. They also happen to be incredibly talented. Louis is a professional photographer. (Click on the link to view some of his photos.) However, he is also REALLY into fly fishing and makes his own rods. He also renovates houses. Seriously. I don't know how he does it. Kathy is an amazing graphic designer with a love for animals. She rehabs squirrels and used to work with elephants at the zoo. Oh, and she makes soap and cooks all sorts of yummy veggie food. There's more. They do so much more. Tim and I have named them the official most annoying couple on the planet! We love them, but they've got to give us a break. They're really making us look bad!

Anyway, while we were down in Atlanta, we visited the GA Aquarium. Amazing! The pictures I have don't do it justice. We also took Brennan to the zoo in Grant Park and the Botanical Garden. Both were lots of fun, but we about roasted at the gardens. It was worth it though. That's how much I love plants. I am willing to suffer sunburn and exhaustion to see as much plant life as possible. Of course, we also ate a bunch of amazing food. We tried Ethiopian food for the first time and love, love, loved it. LB liked it as well (whew!). The restaurant doesn't have a website, but it's called Bahel and is located on Briarcliff. We also had yummy falafel at Marco's on Ponce, Indian at Zyka on Scott Blvd. in Decatur and Chinese at Green Sprout on Piedmont (Try the Empire "chicken."). And then there was our old friend Veggieland. I can't say enough good things about this place. The food is so good. The service is wonderful. And, unbelievably, the place is cheap! Yay for Veggieland! If you're ever in Atlanta, you must, must, must try their veggie burger with avocado.

Being back in Atlanta made me miss big city living, but I haven't packed my bags yet. I think it will pass. I didn't care for that life when in any of the larger cities where we've lived (except for maybe NYC, but I'm not wealthy, so scratch that). I do love Louisville and I figure we'll be calling it home for at least a few more years.

It was super hot in Atlanta on Sunday. It really felt like a Southern summer day. When I returned from the trip and realized I had some treasuries to update on Treasury East, I felt inspired to curate an Etsy Greetings Team treasury dedicated to the summer (hence the title of this post). Here's a taste. Click on the link to view the entire treasury.

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