Monday, July 6, 2009

More Camping and Another Etsy Shop?

Don't say I didn't warn you. I've uploaded the pics from the camping trip that Tim took. There are some nice ones that I couldn't resist sharing with you. Most of them are from two of our hikes. One passes over a smaller waterfall than Blackwater and the other I like to refer to as the "fern trail" because it is literally like walking through a sea of ferns. Of course, this meant that I loved it! My love of ferns and mosses is rubbing off on LB. She gets excited when she sees them. Ahhhh...the power of parenthood. At least I use my powers for good!

I've been trying to get Tim to open a photography shop on etsy, and I think I finally convinced him. I told him I would facilitate it for him. He does amazing work that I believe he needs to share. Some of it is more commercial and the rest is a bit closer to fine art or nature photography. He got into the nature photography to meet my needs! Anyway, check back. I hope to get him moving with this in the next couple of days. Now if I could only get my mother-in-law to get on the vintage shop I want to open with her....

LB on the Elakala Falls Trail

Hike Gallery:

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