Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feature Friday - Emintaos

It's Friday and time to show some love to a fellow etsian, Emily of Emintaos!

What prompted you to open your etsy shop?

I was a floral and event production designer in California for 17 years. When I moved out to Taos, New Mexico a few years ago, holding onto that profession was impossible. I had begun designing jewelry 9 years ago with my best friend, as a hobby and a way to make a few extra bucks. I realized quickly out here that I was going to need to be creative literally and figuratively to help support my family. Etsy was something I had heard about as gaining in popularity. I checked it out, mulled it over, got brave, and went for it. I opened in October of 2008 and, after be really discouraged for the first 8 months, decided to give it a concerted effort once again. This last August, with A LOT of effort and changes to my shop, things are turning around. I WAS JUST FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE!

What have you learned during your time as a seller?

Well, believe it or not, I didn't learn about the 'renew' button until recently. That has changed things dramatically. As a seller I have also learned how valuable it is to have other Etsy artisans to lean on for advice, tricks, tips, and moral support. I feel too that I really am learning a lot about the psychology of merchandising. There is a lot to selling, especially if you want to sell jewelry!

What inspires you?

The seasons, the weather, colors, and texture inspire me. I am occasionally inspired by what I see in high fashion. I like to take ideas, combine them, and then pair them down. The older I get the more I see that simple is best.

What are your favorite materials and colors?

Saffron orange, peacock blue, seafoam green, and tanzanite purple, vibrant versions of the secondaries on the color wheel, are among my favorites. I LOVE silk, refined or raw, rough-cut faceted semi-precious stones, real raw rocks, satin vermeil, butter soft deerskin lace.

Do you target specific seasons or events? If so, in what ways?

I really just learned about merchandising for the upcoming seasons, events, and holidays. I took to heart everything I learned from the Storque on Etsy, and I really attribute that to why one of my pieces made it to the front page!

How do you promote your shop? What has worked the best/worst for you?

I visit the forums at least once a day and try to post in the Promo, critiques, or business sections. I post almost every item to facebook, and try to renew at least 5 items a day. This is really still new for me, so I hope to know the answer to this question after the holiday season. Fingers crossed!

Do you sell your wares in other online forums or offline? If so, where? If so, please compare the venues.

I sell in various clothing/gift shops as well as two spa/resorts in my county. I do fairly well. Most of my stuff is on consignment, but I am gaining accounts that buy, which is always the way to go. Etsy is really hard work, and, although I'm not there yet, I hope it will one day rival the success I've had offline.

What are your favorite pieces right now?

I really love the silk wraps I've been doing lately. They are so colorful, versatile, and easy to wear....wrist, neck, ponytail, tie on a gift. I also am quite fond and proud of the higher-end pleated hand-dyed silk necklaces with the preserved leaves I've introduced. One of those was the one that made it to the front page.

Harvest Queen

Silk Ribbon Wrap

Autumn Silk Ribbon Wrap

Here are a couple of my faves! If you get the chance, check out Emintaos' shop and comment here on your favorites. I'm sure she would appreciate the feedback.

Autumn Calling

Antique Sunshine Earrings


  1. Harvest Queen is a beautiful piece :)

    I found you through the etsy forums; great blog!

  2. I'm glad you found me! Yes, Harvest Queen is beautiful, isn't it?