Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feature Sunday? Glass Cube

I'm (obviously) a little behind this week with my feature. However, I have a lovely etsy artist to share with you this week. She just joined etsy in August and is from Columbus, Ohio. She's already had 47 sales, so maybe we can learn a thing or two from her!

How did you first hear about etsy? How long have you been a seller?

I actually heard about etsy a few years ago. I was starting up a purse business and one of my friends turned me on to the website. Unfortunately at the time I thought I'd be better off getting my own website! Little did I know that etsy would have been much better. So, this time around I went straight to etsy. I just set up my shop on August 9. Etsy has been just absolutely fabulous!

What are some valuable lessons you have learned as a seller?

Patience and pride! I learned (and am still learning) to be patient....the sales will come and my shop will get its name out there! Its hard work being on etsy. You have to spend the time to get to know other etsy members, advertise yourself, network, etc. The second thing I learned is to be proud of my work! I really like what I make, but its a great feeling when others like it too! Being on etsy just forces you to be proud of what you do! :)

Do you buy on etsy as well? What draws you to a shop, if so?

I do buy on etsy! I think its a great way, especially in hard times right now, to make sure that my money goes to good use! I'd much rather buy a handmade, unique item and have a family receive my money than go to a corporation and buy something that everyone already has and feed their profit margin any more!

How do you market your shop? How did you discover what works and what doesn't?

As of right now I am relying solely on blogs, twitter, facebook and word of mouth! I have gotten a lot of my sales from other etsy members that I have gotten to know in the forums!

What inspires you?

Oddly enough, some of my mistakes have inspired me the most. I love the "uh oh that wasn't what I wanted to happen" feeling, and then realizing that I created something even better! I love bright colors, and I love it when my boyfriend designs things with me! He likes to brag about the fact that all of his designs have sold! He really is good when he puts his mind to it!!

Here are some of her favorites:

Orange Split

Necklace of the Month Club

Faded Blue Jeans and Flowers

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