Monday, September 28, 2009

The Ride to Conquer Cancer - Part II

Okay, so there's this radio station here in Louisville called "Gen X Radio." It plays music that was popular during the 1990s. I love it! Some of it is really, really bad, but it still brings up some great memories. So, anyway, I was listening to Gen X radio on my way to cheer Tim in to a pit stop in Finchville, KY. This pit stop was located in the entrance to a subdivision and, as I pulled in, I rolled down the window to ask the crew chief if I could park behind the tents. She said, "yes," so I proceeded to drive very slowly through the pit stop with the window down waiting for the crowd to part so that I could pass. I noticed that I was getting some funny looks from riders and, as I tried to figure out why, I realized that "Baby Got Back" was blaring out of my radio. Classic Amanda . . . so embarrassing.

Tim beat us to the pit stop, so we didn't get to cheer him in, but we did get to spend a little Tim with him while he refueled. Then we headed on to the finish line in Tom Sawyer State Park, leaving him with strict instructions not to ride too fast so that we could beat him there. Norton had a nice finish line with a chute for the riders and an announcer mentioned all of the names as they crossed. Tim was almost sprinting when he crossed. The announcer was impressed and described him as entering the chute "like a bullet." He continued to comment on Tim as he rode around the back end of the chute cooling off. What a cyclist!

The Olive Garden provided free food for the riders and their guests, and they actually had food that was vegan. Tim, LB and I had a little picnic on the wet ground and, surprisingly, Tim was able to get up and down with no trouble. In fact, he hasn't really even acted as if he is tired or sore. I'm so proud (can you tell?)!

Thanks to everyone who supported Tim through this journey. We really appreciate it. You've all been wonderful and have helped made a difference in raising both awareness and money for cnacer research.


  1. That's so great and it's for such a great cause too. The radio story sounds like something I would do - and I actually listen to that song every time I hear it just because it makes me laugh - but don't tell anyone else :)