Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Haircut

Yes, Brennan is three years old. Yes, she just got her first haircut. Her father didn't even want it cut this soon. I told him she was starting to look like Crystal Gayle, and we really had no choice. We took her to the person who has been cutting my hair off and on for over 20 years. Yes, I said 20 years. His name is Lindsey Harrison and he has owned shops all over Huntington, WV. When I lived in the area, he cut my hair. After I moved away, I would have him cut it when I came home for visits. I had other stylists in whatever city I was currently living, but I always trusted him the most with my hair. Well, maybe not always. In the sixth grade he cut my bangs too short and did something weird to make it look like I had a mullet. When I was in the eighth grade I had HUGE hair and he had a hand in that. However, big hair was in at the time. In fact, he made my hair even bigger using hair extensions, after which I starred in a commercial for his shop. Extensions were the new thing and I thought I was so cool. So, he was a natural choice for Brennan's first cut, as long as he didn't whip out the fake hair.

Brennan was really calm the entire time. She stared at Lindsey as though she didn't trust him one bit, but she didn't cry or fuss. I have heard of children being terrified, so I was relieved. After he cut her hair, I think he decided to take a walk down memory lane. He gave my baby big hair. It was different from what I had in the day. There was no Aqua Net and no wall of teased bangs. Actually, she looked like she was getting ready for a pageant. It was really cute to see her all curled for a day. And, of course, she thought it was wonderful and got on us any time we got near her "curlers."

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