Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide-Part One

I know that I haven't posted in a little while and I need to play catch up. I have some Easter pics to share, a recipe and some potty training success stories. However, today I foud myself in the mood to browse around etsy. Since I couldn't justify just doing it for the fun of it, I decided to make an etsy gift guide for Mother's Day. It's just around the corner and, if you plan to order from etsy, you'll need to factor in time for shipping (international orders may take up to two weeks to arrive). While I will be posting some Mother's Day cards, as well as blank ones that would be appropriate, I'm not going to be lame and include my own stuff in the gift guide. I think I will leave the shameless self-promotion off of the blog today. I guess I'm just feeling generous...or am such a good person...or just think that if I am promoting etsy I am promoting myself anyway.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This "Geranium Sage Vegan Cold Process Soap" looks good enough to eat. It comes from Long Winter Farm's etsy shop, which also features soaps with awesome names like "Bloody Lumberjack" and "Hippie Stink." I started to feature one of these, but could just see the look on the face of some mother when gifted with something called "Hippie Stink" on Mother's Day. I haven't smelled or used these soaps, but they look delicious. They're also cruelty-free, and you can't beat that with a stick.

The "Become Rose Garden Shawl Brooch" is from the etsy shop Melt'm Design Studio and is handcrafted from sterling silver. It's a beautiful piece and this seller is offering free shipping worldwide through the end of April.

I'd love to have the "Bee Bee Beautiful Bee Brilliant Green Trinket Dish" for my very own (you know how I love those little Bs). They come from My Mother's Garden, which features many treats for gifting. A percentage of the sales in the shop will be donated to kiva.org.

Stick this ACEO from Snap Dragon Studios in a nice frame and you've got a lovely gift for one of the mothers in your life. I admit to having a tree obsession, but who wouldn't love this? Your mother gets a piece of original art and you get to visit it every now and then.

This "butter cream birdhouse" from greenware design is actually a hanging planter for an air plant. It comes with the plant and some moss (mmm...did somebody say moss?). This reminds me of trips to Florida as a kid. My brothers brought some air plants home. We couldn't believe they didn't need the dirt!

Okay, I just renamed this post "Mother's Day Gift Guide-Part One." This is taking waaay longer than I anticipated. There's just so much to choose from on etsy. So, I guess I'll complete the guide in installments. This is part one with more to follow.


  1. Hi Amanda~
    Thanks for including my little dish in this great gift guide! I love the little birdhouse hanging planter!
    ~ Karrita

  2. Great idea for a blog post. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I'm sorry I deleted my before comment !

    Thank you so much for this great featured on great blog! I'll make another promo on my shop this weekend. I'll offer a free bracelet or earrings to anyone 50$ spend on my shop!!!

  5. Karrita: I hope this brings you some traffic to your shop!

    Linda: Thanks! I hope you'll check back for future installments.

    Meltem: It was my pleasure. I mentioned your promo in the blog.