Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide-Part Two (I'm baaack.)

Alrighty-O. Yes, I really said that. You aren't imagining it. I'm in a goofy mood. I'm back and I've got more suggestions for Mother's Day gifts. I've decided to do four installments of five items. This is in part because, as I discovered yesterday, these are difficult decisions and it takes time. I was also thinking that large gift guides can be overwhelming. This way you can slowly absorb the ideas and perhaps one will stand out to you. Before I get started with the guide, I have to slip in a "Brennan of the Day." Yesterday she was playing with the grass from her Easter basket. She grabbed a handful of it, held it up to me and said, "This is God's hair." I have no idea where that came from.

Mother's Day Gift Guide-Part Two

"Green Teapot II" is from a new etsy seller (joined this month) who also happens to be from my old stomping ground of Pensacola, FL. Back to Earth is full of absolutely beautiful work. And wouldn't it just thrill you to be his first buyer?

Don't you just love, love, love this clutch from Fiaz Co? It looks almost like it has been hand painted. The inside is lined in a robin's egg blue silk. Handmade. Need I say more?

For the mother who sews..."Alexander Henry Camden Fair Red, Yard Set." Fabric Worm is full of gorgeous, colorful and sometimes quirky fabrics that I would love to get my grimey little hands on. If you aren't crazy about this set, there are tons and tons to choose from.

This is quickly becoming a gift guide for me. I can't help it. A girl loves what she loves, and I totally love this needlefelt art. Deebs Fiber Art shop offers the "No.379 Lone Tree Too" both with and without a mat. Add a frame and you've got a truly unique gift.

The "Twisted and Textured Silver Dangle Earrings" are handmade from 99.9% pure silver by Beadz N 'Thingz. I think they look light and springy, but would work just as well with a sweater this fall. And just think, you can impress your mother with your knowledge of handcrafted fine silver.

Be sure to check out the comments for yesterday's post. "Meltem" is offering a freebie with a $50.00 purchase in her shop this weekend.

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