Monday, May 18, 2009

10 Day Etsy Challenge

I'm embarking upon another self-challenge. Beginning today, I'm going to add one item to my shop each day. The last time I did this, I barely made it, but I've already posted today's listing.

Dad's Day

I also posted two other items this weekend, but I'm not counting them toward the challenge.

my Dad

Father Tree


  1. nice fathers day cards!! I have to make a fathers day card for a friend and am feeling very uninspired... you gave me hope!!

  2. Lovely cards! Good luck with the challenge. I'll join you another time...

  3. Firefly: I had some trouble getting started as well. I guess my work leans toward the feminine side, so I have to get in a groove to do the Father's Day thing.

    Handmade: Thanks! I look forward to seeing you on a future challenge.

  4. I'm in for Monday, 5/25! Great idea. My shop on Etsy is and my blog is Can't wait!