Sunday, May 24, 2009

Father's Day Gift Guide

You may not be thinking about Father's Day yet, but it will be here soon enough. I wanted to share a Father's Day gift guide with you and needed to give you plenty of time to place and receive orders. I hope you will all consider buying handmade for this holiday.

Continue reading below to see my item of the day. This is the final day of my individual challenge. Tomorrow I begin a challenge with ten other members of the Etsy Greetings Street Team. I'll post details tomorrow when we begin the challenge.

simply blue recycled bike clock

I guess this guide is a bit skewed toward things my husband would like. Unfortunately for him, he has already received his Father's Day present. He got early gifts because he needed them to work on his honey-dos. LB and I bought him a belt sander and a router. I don't think that he has yet gotten to use the router, but he did use the belt sander on the stairway project. He'll get to use it quite a bit in the upcoming weeks!

Anyway, he would absolutely love this clock. I bought him a bottle opener made from a bike chain at a local gallery and he thought it was amazing. This item may have to stay on a gift list for the future. The chain ring from which the clock is made is recycled and the textile is reclaimed. Handmade and truly eco-friendly. A metal hanger is attached to the back. It measures 7" in diameter.

You Are So Manly - Gocco Greeting Card

The designer of this card mentions in the listing that it started as a joke. I can see how that could happen, but I think it's fabulous. I always love giving funny cards and this one takes the cake for the occasion. It was drawn and gocco printed by the seller and comes with a coordinating blue envelope. It is also available in reverse colors.

Mac Lovers Pillow

Okay, here's another one for my honey. It's a pillow made using mac keys! How cool is that? I know there are a lot of mac lovers out there (there's an entire book devoted to mac nuts), and this would make a perfect gift for one of them. It's made from polyfil, covered with a soft cotton, and the appliqued with fleece. They measures 12" x 16" and 12" x 12." You may choose a letter other than "z."


Mmmm...vegan blondies...and you can request chocolate chips...mmmm. I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! These look delicious. I don't think I've ever had a vegan blondie. I know all the fathers in my life would go crazy for these, even the non-vegan ones I'm sure. Your loved one will receive nine blondies with your order. You should try to hide one for yourself if you're hand-delivering them.

Shirt Stiffeners-Sterling Silver

This is a nice gift for a father or grandfather who enjoys dressing well, handmade in the UK by Chris Parry. You can have these engraved with just about anything. I think it would be nice to put a child's birth date and name on them. You should also keep these in mind for future gift-giving occasions. They would make lovely anniversary or wedding gifts.

5 Letters or Less on Wood

I think this is really cool and summery. I'm always hearing about "man caves" in the news, and wouldn't this be perfect for one? However, I have to say, I like it so much I wouldn't relegate it to the "cave" if my husband had one. This seller will spell out whatever you like and will exceed the five letter limit if you place a special order. The photographs are heat pressed and sealed to the wood. The wood has a black beveled edge and recessed mounting block. You don't need a frame. Each letter measures 4" x 6." Shipping is free.

Men's Rich Lathering Shaving Cube with Chrome Stand

Tim uses an electric razor, but my dad uses a razor and my maternal grandfather did as well. I remember watching my grandpa lather up with his brush and then slowly shave off his stubble and the foam in long strokes. I was always fascinated and wanted to shave my face as well. Now I'm glad that I don't need to! Red Leaf recently won the specialty soap competition. Here's an excerpt from their review: "Red Leaf Soap & Shave Cube- This is the best shaving soap I’ve tried by far. Made with a mix of glycerin and coconut oil, it lathers well and has a really nice consistency for shaving…sort of like a lotion, but nice and soapy. I recommend getting the holder to keep your cube nice & dry between use. It’s available in scents that appeal to both guys and girls". I believe that says it all.

Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Guitar Pick

What a cool gift for Dad! You could have "My Daddy Rocks" stamped on the pick or the child's name. I can't wait for the next time I need to give my professional musician brother-in-law a gift. He's gonna love this! These are made by KMW0014 in Tucson. Upon your request, the pick can be made into a necklace.

The rest of this post is all about me! You know I couldn't resist. Here's my item of the day:

Wedding Flowers

Also, I was featured in a treasury on etsy. Here's the link: Whatta Card

It won't be there forever, so please check it out soon.


Brennan of the Day: LB told Tim, "You're one crazy dude."


  1. For the dad who has everything, put him in a personalized golf fantasy novel from - that's right, he stars in the book with his real-life sweetie.

  2. I think that it is very fortunate that I got great tools as gifts, though I do love the bike and mac themed items selected here. I might just have to bookmark that chainring clock for later! Wait, when did Brennan say that I was one crazy dude. I cracked up when I read that because I don't recall it happening!

  3. She said it to you at dinner one night out on the deck. I'm surprised you don't remember it. I figured you would like these selections. Maybe next year....