Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where in the World is Little b Bunny???

Ack! I fell off the blog wagon again! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but that's really no excuse. I know. That's just the way life is and I need to adjust!I think I mentioned that LB and I would be going on my nephew's school trip with him on the first of May. We went to the Columbus Zoo, mine and LB's old stomping ground. I love that zoo, but the trip was a bit disorganized, to say the least. Right as we were leaving we got drenched and then went to dinner and found a hair in my food. Ugh! I was so ready for that day to be over. LB and I were at my mom's all weekend because one of her docs ordered an MRI on my knee. It turns out I have some degenerative cartilage (my husband had an old lady's gall bladder and I have an old lady's cartilage), which was causing a lot of swelling (it looked like I had a golf ball sticking out the back of my knee). The doctor drained it Monday, which was NOT fun and we're waiting to see what happens. LB and I came back to Louisville on Tuesday to a daddy who was quite lonely.

We planned to go camping this weekend, but canceled the trip because it was supposed to storm all weekend. I think we could've handled it. It didn't rain much after all. However, we did get involved in a home improvement whirlwind. We decided to rip up the carpeting on the stairs because our puppy used the landing as a potty and we couldn't get the smell out. The stairs underneath are in really bad condition, so they're going to have to be sanded down and restained. We had planned to do the woodwork at some point anyway, so this just moved that project up a bit. Unfortunately, there was roughly 50 year old linoleum on the landing, with a sort of tar paper and nasty adhesive underneath. We still don't have all of that up. Then came the good part - the garden and yard. It is really looking awesome! I'm going to have pics up soon.

Today is Mother's Day...Happy Mother's Day everyone! Tim has been spoiling me all day. He brought be juice and coffee this morning. Then he made Smart Bacon and waffles for breakfast with a newspaper to read on the porch. Mmmm. He's been hard at work all day, mowing and trimming the yard, putting in a stone path from the driveway to the patio and now he's sanding the stairs. Wow! I got to spend the day being waited on and sewing on the porch. Lovely.

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