Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. Today is the last day I will be featuring another participant, since we had ten people total. I've really enjoyed this challenge, but I am also exhausted. It takes more time than one would think to list items and then blog about them. Doing this every day eats up quite a bit of time (this is in addition to actually making and photographing the items). However, I'm definitely going to do it again. I feel it is totally worthwhile and also enables me to get to know other members of the street team. I'll be announcing the dates of the next challenge soon. Other members of the street team will be given the option to join the challenge before those of us who participated this time have a second go at it. I won't be participating this time around, but will be facilitating and blogging about it to try to send some traffic their way. I'm sure I'll be back with another challenge in July and, of course, will be listing items all throughout June as well.

Here's the item I just posted:

A Rich Man

Today I'm featuring The Paper Flower Shop, a seller of amazing crepe paper flowers and a variety of cute cards. I once saw a crafter on Martha Stewart's show who made all of her own wedding flowers from crepe paper. They were gorgeous, as are the ones in this shop! Here's the most recent listing from The Paper Flower Shop:

Mini Ribbon Tied Pastel Note Cards

And here's my current favorite:

Blue Beach Ball Baby Shower Invitations

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