Friday, June 19, 2009

Etsy Greetings Showcase

I haven't posted in a few days because I have been busy hanging out with my niece, Mea, and sister-in-law, Paige. Of course we had an amazing time with them. LB and Mea were so cute running around screaming and laughing. Their energy is definitely infectious. And then there's Paige. She is the most adorable pregnant woman around in her short shorts, tank tops and bikinis. She looks just like Paige with a ball on the front. This is probably due in large part to the fact that she is still Zumba-ing at eight months! She's apparently a legend at the local YMCA. Anyway, we were all having so much fun that I neglected the blog and my shop. Tomorrow I hope to blog more about the visit and post some cute pics of the girls. But, for now, on to the showcase.

Etsy Greetings Street Team Showcase

I created this showcase using the search term "etsygreetings." These are a few of my favorites, but there are many, many more out there worth viewing. If you search using either "etsygreetings" or "etsygreetingsteam," you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of choices.

Tweet - Tweet Little Felt Bird (Any Occasion Card)

I love all of the layers and textures in this card by Adore by Nat. And who could resist this lovely little bird?

Herb Notecards - Set of 4

These cards from winemakerssister have me drooling for the first harvest of herbs from my garden. What better way is there to send a greeting during these gorgeous summer months?

Vintage Humpty Dumpty Clown (Note Card)

This card from Kelly Bee's Place looks like a vintage upcycled piece, but is completely new and designed to appear vintage. I love this about it!

Goldfish Bubbles Blank Folded Note Card

Fubabee's goldfish card evokes a peaceful Japanese garden, while also giving one a sense of movement. This is a modern interpretation of a classic theme.


  1. Thanks so much for including me on your Etsy Greetings showcase. Love every card in your showcase. Great choice!

  2. Gorgeous selection! Thanks so much for including my herb cards.

  3. Great selection of cards! I'll know just where to look next time I'm needing cards.

  4. That is such a beautiful card :)

  5. I'm glad you're all enjoying it!

  6. Beautiful grouping of cards...I especially love that little birdie one. I'll have to visit your etsy shop and heart you!

  7. Wonderful cards! Thanks for all the ideas! When I need a card, I'll know where to go!