Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Guess who's back? Back again.... I know, I know, that was really lame. I just couldn't help myself. As promised, I'm dropping by to post a real entry, not just one with my item of the day. Although I will be doing another one of those tonight. So, what's been going on here in Little B Bunny Land? Lots! LB has given up her Nuk and moved to her toddler "big girl" bed in the same week. I was excited about the Nuk, but apprehensive about the toddler bed. I know most kids move to their toddler beds sooner, but she never tried to get out of her crib. Well, that ended on Wednesday. So we immediately had to make the transition. I didn't think she would stay in the bed when we put her down, but, so far, she's been a real champ. They grow up so quickly....

My sister was over yesterday and bugging me about the secret. I didn't tell. I think she thinks she's going to get some dirt on me. She's always looking for that. I tried to tell her that it's not really juicy, but I don't think she believes me. So, anyway, here goes. I'm going to have to reveal the secret to protect my, um, good name.

Check out:

(I tried and tried again and again to get the link to work. I guess you'll just have to cut and paste!)

An old friend from the New School recommended a site geared to parents called (Thanks Zehra!) It has a lot of interesting as well as funny content. I came across the article linked above, "Celebrity Moms We Love to Hate," and just couldn't help myself. It covers everyone one from Sarah Palin to Nadya Suleman (I cringe every time she is referred to as the "octomom,") to "the stay at home mom with one child and a nanny (Why IS she afraid to be alone with her child?)." Here's the secret (some who know me well will say it's not a secret): I am a horribly judgmental person. It's something I've been working on quite a bit. My therapist even says that I save the toughest judgement for myself, so not judging everyone else might lead to easing up on myself a bit. So, there it is. I'm judgmental. I'm trying to stop. I'm doing pretty well. Then this article comes along. I couldn't help myself. I HAD to read it. I loved every last word. It was hilarious and (mostly) true. Come on, we've all wished Heidi Klum would say she had surgery after her children (whether or not it is true), wish Michelle Duggar would stop having children, are terrified of Nancy Grace, and, none, absolutely none of us, believe that Kelly Rippa does her own laundry and cooking! And last, but not least, of course we all hate moms who hate other moms. I mean, come on, give her a break! She's a mom. And we're all in this together.

PS-Don't you just hate the moms that tell you they know what you're thinking because you're a mom too?

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