Thursday, March 12, 2009


I feel yucky today. I had a headache last night before bed and woke up this morning with some sinus pressure, a headache and absolutely no energy. Hence the "ugh." All I have wanted to do all day is curl up under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea and sleep. Alas, I am a mommy and don't get sick days. I guess I set myself up for this. I mean, you feed a child, change her diapers and read and play with her every day and she comes to expect it. Demand it in some cases. Then there's the dog. She insists on being walked and fed as well. So, I haven't gotten much couch time today. I guilted myself into doing some dishes and sweeping too. Oh, where are the carefree days of my youth? To be honest, I have no desire to return to my youth. I just like to pretend that I do. On a brighter note, Brennan and Molly (the toddler and the dog) haven't been arguing as much today. Brennan did hit Molly with a book and sippy cup, but, fortunately, Molly didn't throw a water dish back at her or anything. This led to a conversation with LB about hitting and how we should never do it. She seems to make a distinction between humans and other animals that we will have to work on.

I did spend some time today fantasizing about gardening this summer. Last summer was our first in our house and I was on some meds that made me very heat and sun sensitive. Yes, it's probably the one you're thinking about. Anyway, I couldn't stand being outside much and the gardens suffered from it. I would plant something and then neglect it. I have big plans for this summer that involve the Amish greenhouse in Jackson, Ohio, a lot of weeding and, hopefully, not much water. I'm trying to think about water conservation and plant things that don't need a lot of it. Last summer I put a lot of lavender, russian sage and sedum in the front gardens. We're on a busy street and those plants get hit with a lot of dust and sunlight. They did well last year, but didn't grow quite as much as I would like. I was checking out High Country Gardens ( today, a company dedicated to xeriscape gardening and came across these little gems:

Silver-Edged Horehound

Silver Nailwart

Legacy Buffalo Grass

I could definitely get away with the first two, but I don't know about the buffalo grass. I'm not sure that my neighbors would approve. I'd like to maintain good relations. Then again, I do really, really like it.

So LB and Molly are both asleep. I think I'll try to follow their example.

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